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Behind every great woman a great man , not the opposite

To what extent man appears classy and open_minded within how far he build the character of the woman who is in his possession ; ( wife , daughter or sister ), and to what extent she is open_ minded and she has psychological independent , So I can say that Father is the true society for girl  and the core of her balanced character from the start.

It's painful that girl feels with her negativity and dependency at the age of hope and ambition , the age through which the will to live is flourishing for the human to build himself and find for himself a place at the world. 

So in this period of the age , girl learns that either she has to be balanced character or it is impossible for her to win , and she must leave her independent character ,So we say that behind every spiritual and intellectual progress for a woman ; a man is intellectual classy , and behind every great woman ; a great man not the opposite .

We should never adherence blindly to inherited words that produce to us unbalanced types of people , because there are much facts and stories assure us that behind every fear , cowardice , dependency , and limited tight world ; unbalanced man who putting his woman in dependency template from her early age and does not force her for reading ,

aspiration , and learning , but if there is a chance for a positive rebellion...let it be 
When man is spiritual and psychological well_ballanced , he will not permit the matters get worse for negative rebellion with whom under his possession.


 Vision of the book (Secrets Of Woman) for the French writer ; Simone de Beauvoir .

The idea of ​​" I read you "

Reading is regarded as a true contribution in making the individual , supporting his self_confidence and developing his language , and regarded as one of the most important criterias which the advanced societies are measured upon .

It is one of the most important ways in enriching the individual's experience ,  increasing  knowledge , and it's an essential way in understanding the national and cultural heritage, and  connecting  to the heritage of other societies. 

The idea of the series "Read For You" is to facilitate on readers to acknowledge the content of some books and it's ideas from my point of view as a core to encourage some people who may concern to read these books and gain benefit from , to help each others on developing our capacity for reading , and forcing our brains for growth within forethought in all what we read and know.



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