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Vision from the Book: IT'S Hope !! "Destruction " for Mark Manson

In the eternal human struggle : everything is always destroyed, but ; the more things turned out worse than they are , the more we need to call hope for the sustainability of the world and overcoming it's worse

Diseases may spread out , but medicines also do spread because hope is what save world

In the Book of 《Destruction : A Book About Hope 》Mark Manson deals with the field of psychology's researches at these topics and some ideas for number of philosophers, illustrates policy, Religion, and our relation with Money , Internet , and entertainment world ,and how can our overuse for good things eat us alive psychologically. The Book challenges our definitions for happiness, freedom, even hope ! 

Similar to surgeon's knife , hope is able to save life , or end it ; it can rise us , and can destroy us. As the self_confidence has healthy and harmful forms , also hope has the same issues ; the difference between them is not obvious at all cases clearly

Hope is essential for our psychology that we are in need to (A)  have something looking forward (B) to be convinced that our ability to control our destiny is enough to arrive at this thing (C) finding a group of people accomplish this matter with us.

When one of these three elements or all of them be absent for along time ; we lose our hope and fell in the gap of uncomfortable truth. 

Hope is based on rejecting the current real which means that it is destructive because it requires breaking something. It requires that we deny part of ourselves or part of the world , but we have to look at what behind the hope : One has to love his destiny, accept life and all experiences  ; good and bad ones ; unconditional acceptance ; which means one has to love his pain , accept his suffery and end the separation between his desires and the real ; not within seeking other desires , but within accepting the real , that is to say hope for what exist ; because it's harmful if you worshipped it unconditionally. 

              《Despite all of this; move》


This is the challenge before us and our goal that is moving and doing without hope , do not wish for the best but be the best ; at this moment and coming moments.


      《Everything is destroyed and hope is

        The reason for this destruction and it's

         Result at the same time 》 

It's hard for us to accept that because our intiation on weaning ourselves from the sweet nectar which is named hope ; it's like grabbing bottle of wine from a drunk.

Without hope ; we think that we will back to fall in nothingness and a huge gap will swallow us . The uncomfortable truth scares us , so we are weaving stories, values, and myths about ourselves and the world to keep this truth away from us. 

          《No for hope when be deceitful

                    expectancy and fake》 

Truth is the only thing which is able to free us so , it is always terrified because it makes us responsibles , but life without hope is not awful as we think ; it's better than other prospect , better than the alternative

Mark Manson is American writer and blogger , Born in 1984 , the guy who wrote "Art Of Indifference "2016 that had received a great famous lately


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Reading is regarded as a true contribution in making the individual , supporting his self_confidence and developing his language , and regarded as one of the most important criterias which the advanced societies are measured upon .
It is one of the most important ways in enriching the individual's experience ,  increasing  knowledge , and it's an essential way in understanding the national and cultural heritage, and  connecting  to the heritage of other societies

The idea of the series "Read For You" is to facilitate on readers to acknowledge the content of some books and it's ideas from my point of view as a core to encourage some people who may concern to read these books and gain benefit from , to help each others on developing our capacity for reading , and forcing our brains for growth within forethought in all what we read and know

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