Esraa Hafez writes : Art is a message for Nation.

Reflections on God's world for Dr. Moustafa Mahmoud.

فريق نما

Vision from the book : Reflections on God's world for Dr. Moustafa Mahmoud.

Within this book Dr. Moustafa takes us to an important topic which is controversial for decades and will remain which is identity of art.

Dr. Moustafa mahmoud (may he rest in peace) in his book is dealing with the topic of art which he regards as one of many talents that human is characterized by, assuring that it's a skill that human is unique to and born by as speech , thinking and free choice. 

But human who was born free , choose, make mistakes and rebellious does not always use this skill for good , but rather deviated from to passion to just attract fame and prestige, so sometimes it's useful and sometimes it's harmful. 

Dr. Moustafa mahmoud says that : Art which is raising the emotions, we found it at most of cinema's movies making fun of emotions and playing with brains. 

Poem which is rising above conscience, we found it at most of songs dropping with affection and feelings. 

Music which is rising us to perspectives of beauty and meditation ; on the contrary ; it's putting us down to dance and monkey movements. 

Because of art now is entering to us through the door , it is turned to a hellish form of shaping generations and raising them up or their destruction and brainwash ; with this way artist became able to kill and misslead nation , besides he is able to live and give rise to it.

Because art is a deadly weapon , it's not supposed to be absolutely free ; freedom of art and artist are incorrect claims. Artist is free , responsable one, and judged , as a gunslinger ; we may withdraw the license of use if he misused it , millions of readers and spectators need to be given protection's right for absolutely nonsensical which is shown to them.

Word of artist doesn't mean the untouchability of questioning or immunity , on the contrary means responsibility and wisdom , so sword of control is essential protection for citizens. 

It's okay for the artist to earn and increase his richness but with a way makes his spectators and readers also gain and increase their richness with him , but the artist who put his spectators and readers down ; he doesn't earn money , but pinch it.

Who ask is there bad art and how can we call it art although it's lower quality ? 

I say it's art and it's not forbidden about art to be poor , because it's a skill and talent ; talent may be hired for good or for evil.. it's as muscular power can be recruited for good or for crime.

At the end I say positive good art will remain for his owner , on the contrary ; destructive harmful art is loss whatever brought wealth and prestige for his owner.

How much arts at the end are distraction , killing time , and waste of life !

How much poems which his owner wish if he didn't speak and shame that he wish if he could acquit of.