In coordination with the Ministry of Social Solidarity

6. 6 million pounds provided by the Sawiris Foundation to support the areas affected by the floods

فريق نما

In order to provide urgent support to the areas affected by the floods that impacted the country recently, the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development (SFSD) signed a new cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Social Solidarity #MOSS, with a total budget of EGP 6.6 million. This protocol aims to provide monthly subsistence to approximately 550 families of the garbage-collector community in 15 May City, Cairo, which have been severely damaged by the floods. The protocol continues for a full year and comes as part of the government’s integrated plan that includes rebuilding and developing the area and providing alternative and safe housing for eligible citizens.

This protocol also comes within the framework of the ongoing cooperation between SFSD and the Ministry of Social Solidarity, over a period of 20 years, to confront the most urgent and pressing issues, in order to provide social protection and integrated support to the most marginalized groups, and empowering them economically and socially