Future homeland initiative to confront Corona, Qena Governorate

Establishing 120 medical observation points, with the participation of 500 doctors and assistants, 2000 volunteers, and the distribution of 5 thousand food bags to the affected people

فريق نما

The Regional Office of the Future Party in the Qena Governorate, headed by Counselor Abdel Wahab Abdel Razek, launched today "Thursday" an initiative of the first of its kind at the level of the Republic to confront Virus Corona in the presence of the Secretary-General of the party Eng. Ashraf Rashad Al-Sharif by establishing 120 free medical observation points at the governorate level to follow up the health status Citizens in southern Egypt
Each health monitoring point, according to the party’s secretariat in Qena, includes thermal detection devices and devices for measuring pressure and diabetes diseases in all villages, hunger and cities of the governorate, in coordination with the Health Directorate in Qena and the Doctors Syndicate and with the participation of 500 doctors and their assistants as well as forming a team of volunteers for disinfection and sterilization work that includes 2000 volunteers in order to carry out work Cleansing throughout the province, streets, squares, villages and service areas.
Osama Al-Hawari, the general coordinator of the initiative and the assistant secretary of the Future Party in Qena said that the initiative will start from Al-Sa’ah Square in downtown Qena and that it was a collective work with the participation of all leaders and members of the party in the governorate and that hundreds of protective allowances were provided for volunteers to carry out cleansing work and other for medical teams in addition to the support teams that will It provides and distributes thousands of food bags to families of irregular and low-income daily workers to support them by distributing nearly 50 thousand food bags in a number of regions in coordination with social solidarity.
He pointed out that the health control points will provide a free medical service to the people of Qena completely under the slogan "Trust yourself and your family" and that there is a high central room for crisis management that was formed in coordination with the Health Directorate and the Medical Syndicate will work around the clock and that hotlines have been deployed for immediate dealing With any region that shows positive cases of the "emerging corona virus" and that there are scenarios developed to deal with this matter to break the chain of infections from its inception through a voluntary preventive medicine team at the highest level of medical expertise and another for cleansing and that the party and its leaders will work around the clock during the first The coming days to provide their services to all the people of Qena Governorate and they open the door for everyone who wishes to participate in this service work.

إنشاء  120 نقطة مراقبة طبية بمشاركة 500 طبيب ومعاون و2000 متطوع وتوزيع 5 ألف شنطة مواد غذائية للمتضررين