Within 10 days activities for the Mediterranean

With the support of the European Union, Ola Abdel-Fattah, a handicraft coach, holds a workshop on recycling in Qus

فريق نما

Ola Abdel-Fattah, a handicraft trainer, held a workshop on "recycling" on the sidelines of an exhibition of handicrafts "Ola Gallery" within the activities of

The "Ten Days for the Mediterranean" campaign launched by the Qus Group of Our Country in South Upper Egypt in Egypt in cooperation with the Civil Society Empowerment Program in the Southern Mediterranean and the disappearance of vegetables and the Qus Culture Palace with the support of the European Union

Where many events are applied in the period from 1 to 30, including the ongoing number of lectures, cinematic presentations and training workshops to raise awareness of various environmental issues, in addition to offering unconventional colors for cinema to break the rigid intellectual stereotypes circulating about the seventh art, all of them through video and color technology Line, against the backdrop of the high levels witnessed by the state due to the repercussions of the Corona crisis

The "Ten Days for the Mediterranean" campaign is the implementation of 30 young men and women from the "Youth of the Mediterranean Dialogue" from ten countries in the South Mediterranean region for local activities in order to raise awareness and training and mobilize support and advocacy and contribute to the promotion of sustainable practices and environmental protection measures within four axes: Climate change, agricultural ecology, forests, plastic waste and marine pollution