Orman Guest House has received 560,000 cancer patients and facilities since its inception

ثناء إسكندر

The Orman Association stated that its guesthouse for receiving oncology patients from the governorates who receive treatment at 57357 Hospital and the National Oncology Institute has received 560 thousand cancer patients and facilities since its inception 1996 to date, and that some patients received them for varying periods according to their medical needs and provided all those who were hosted with hotel accommodation and subsistence services. Completely free of charge

General Mamdouh Shaaban, Director General of the Orman Association, confirmed that the Orman's establishment of a guesthouse to receive oncology patients and their companions nearly 25 years ago came as an affirmation of the association’s strategy to provide quality humanitarian services that would alleviate the suffering of patients with serious diseases and support them and their families in their response to disease.

Shaaban pointed out that the guesthouse provides a full reception, accommodation and subsistence service for cancer patients and their families who are receiving treatment inside the 57357 Hospital and the Oncology Institute and do not have hospital beds, which enables these medical institutions to provide their treatment services for a greater preparation of patients and in a way that makes it easier for these patients to receive treatment on time. .

Shaaban explained that the Orman, in its endeavor to provide the best accommodation and subsistence services for its cancer patients and their companions, relies on a trained team of chefs and service providers and works to provide the kinds of foods that the cancer patient needs and in normal circumstances, the association organizes entertainment programs for its patients, patients and their companions, including joy and happiness Their hearts.