19 years after it closed

Inauguration of the Museum of Tanta Antiquities, the Minister announces his reception to visitors for free for 15 days

افتتاح متحف اثار طنطا

افتتاح متحف اثار طنطا

فريق نما

Dr. Khaled Al-Anani, Minister of Antiquities and Eng. Hisham El-Said, Governor of Gharbia, inaugurated the Tanta Archaeological Museum about 19 years after its closure, as part of the plan of the Ministry of Antiquities for the restoration, development and reopening of closed museums all over the country. Mustafa Waziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and Eng. Wa'ad Abu Alela, Head of Projects Sector.

And stated d. Anani, during the opening ceremony that the museum will open Tanta free for visitors for two weeks to celebrate the opening and at the request of Messrs. Sons of the province.

D. Al-Anani thanked the Governor of Gharbia for the efforts made to develop the museum and open it while the Governor presented the Governorate Shield to the Minister of Antiquities

إفتتاح متحف آثار طنطا ، والوزير يعلن إستقباله للزائرين مجانا لمدة 15 يوما