Within an initiative "Animal welfare "

The Cultural Center of Dandara do organize a lecture about animal's rule in serving human and environment at Luxor

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AT Luxor ,The Cultural Center of Dandara organized a lecture on "The Animal's rule in serving human and environment ",which is as a complement to the initiative of Animal welfare which was launched by The Cultural Center of Dandara. 

The lecture covered the types of animals, and the importance of it in serving human and environment. Doctor Afaf Abdul_Basset ; Researcher , and Manager of Research Lab of Animal Health at Luxor, and Prime Sector of the South for Labs ; explained that ; The animals have many favours in environmental balance, and assured on the importance of awareness campaigns, introduction seminars which leads to that society knows this Amazing World

 The creators of the seminar thanked dr.afaf for what she presented , and her participation at the seminar, emphasizing the ongoing effectiveness of the initiative 

IT is stated that The Center of Dandara established this initiative in cooperation with number of partners as Veterinarians Department , Brok Charity Hospital, Animal Care Hospital , and East Wind Company

ضمن مبادرة " الرفق بالحيوان " ضمن مبادرة " الرفق بالحيوان " ضمن مبادرة " الرفق بالحيوان "