Productive Families Project .. Ministry of Social Solidarity

مشروع الاسر المنتجة

مشروع الاسر المنتجة

فريق نما

The Productive Families Project is one of the projects of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and its affiliate of the Social Affairs Sector

Within the social development sector

The aim of the program is to prepare, qualify and train families to provide them with professional and manual skills to increase household income.


Terms and Conditions


1. To be an Egyptian.

2. Familiarity with the principles of literacy and numeracy or pledge to enroll in literacy programs.

3.The age should not be less than (18) years at the time of submitting the application.

4. The student must provide the guarantee accepted by the Board of Directors of the Association entrusted with the execution of the project.

5. Accept the conditions of contracting with the project implementing association.

6. Successfully pass the training course or the validity test held by the implementing society and approved by the competent social unit.

7. To ensure the seriousness of the implementation of the project, the applicant may participate with a percentage of the total cost of the project to be determined by the Board of Directors of the Association in accordance with the economic feasibility studies for each project.


 Procedures for obtaining the service

1. The application for the use of the project shall be submitted to the competent social unit stating the type of project required, the estimated value thereof and the percentage of participation that the student may contribute to the project, if any.

2. If the applicant's age is less than (21) years at the time of application, the application can be submitted from the student's father as a legal guardian or guardian. In this case, the application shall be accompanied by a guardianship decision and the court's decision to authorize the minor to undertake the productive families project. The guarantee accepted by the association is required.

3. Within two weeks of submitting the application, the Social Unit shall conduct an economic feasibility study for the project and examine the social situation as well as conduct tests of the professional and technical abilities of the applicant. Applications should be sent to the Social Department for review and decision-making within 15 days from the date of submission and within available resources.

4. The Social Administration shall send the application lists (if authorized) or the recommendations taken in respect thereof to the Productive Families Department at the Social Solidarity Directorate in the Governorate for review and opinion. The Directorate shall send these papers to the Association responsible for implementation to issue the necessary decision in this regard. Its all project data.

5. The social unit shall be notified of the final decision to notify the student of the outcome of his application to complete the procedures required for the implementation of the project if approved.

6. The project executing association or its delegate shall contract with the beneficiary applicant or his legal guardian.The components of the project shall be purchased and delivered to the beneficiary according to delivery reports approved by the director of the competent social administration.The ownership of the project and its components shall not be transferred to the beneficiary until after payment of the loan has been fully paid.

Forms to be submitted

Application form for the project of families produced by the social unit of the applicant to benefit from the project and submitted free of charge.

Social research, and technical research Feasibility study of the project (and completed by the social unit specialist) office and field with the help of the student to benefit from the project.

An agreement between the Vocational Training Association and the productive families and the applicant to benefit from the project